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No, of course it's not an "official" Alberta Provincial Museum :-)


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Curator: Ron Good / "AlbertaTime"   


A while ago, a friend on the internet made a joking reference to my collection of (mostly vintage) Chinese mechanical and automatic watches, calling it "The Alberta Museum of Chinese Horology"...

His inspiration. My madness.

With many thanks to Joel Chan, "Soviet", "Chascomm", "Gigfy", "Pawl Buster" aka "Alpha-Getty", "Lysanderiii", "Alfanator" and all the other vintage Chinese mechanical (VCM) wristwatch fans whose research and efforts before I ever started have helped me greatly with this ongoing project.

Very very special thanks to Mr. Cameron Ma (Mr. Ma Rong) of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China. His early and continuing friendship and trust--and passion for Chinese watches--was instrumental in developing my sincere love of these vintage Chinese mechanical (VCM) and automatic timepieces.  Ma Rong's Taobao shop is here.

After a too-long time getting to know each other just on the Internet, I was fortunate enough to meet Ma Rong and his very cordial and welcoming wife Qi Ran in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China.

( Thank you, Xiaoma, my brother - 谢谢你 Xiaoma 我的弟弟.  谢谢你,Qi Ran.  谢谢你的友好欢迎到一个遥远的弟弟。感恩的始终。). 

Sure...you can enter the AMCHPR VCM (Vintage Chinese Mechanical) watch gallery this way, too :-)

                                           Sure...you can enter the AMCHPR VCMs (Vintage Chinese Mechanicals) gallery this way, too :-)  
The People's Republic of China (PRC) has a significant history of domestic watch-making that goes back well over 50 years, starting about 1955 and entering mass-market domestic production by 1958 with, for example, the Shanghai A-581 model.

While there are other terrific sites (listed below on this page) that go into much more detail regarding the history and technical background of Chinese (PRC) horology, this site is intended to provide "tip of the iceberg" history during an enjoyable layman's tour of only *some* of China's beautiful watches.

The hope is to ensure that the excellent efforts of hard-working and highly skilled Chinese designers, watchmakers and factory line workers are recognized for their well-earned place in the world's horological (watch-making) tradition and history.

All the vintage Chinese mechanical wristwatches  in this collection were built in China and--with only a few (generally very early) exceptions--are fully Chinese designed with the movements  manufactured "in house" as well. 

The early (mid-late 1950s) exceptions used designs and tooling legally purchased from other countries like Switzerland (or the Soviet Union in one case). The few more modern watches noted as "homage / lookalike" are included to provide some historic perspective.


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I very much also want to recognize and thank Mr. Joel Chan for his continuing friendship,  and for the special pleasure of meeting him while in Beijing.   Mr. Chan is a generous, very gracious and good humoured gentleman and I look forward to seeing him again next visit. 我最诚挚的问候和尊重,友谊始终, Joel.

I do own (and very much like) some non-Chinese watches. They're here and I wear them, too.



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 欢迎来自中国的访问者!尊重和赞赏中国的手表业工人. 请参观和享用  电子邮件 Ron Good. 乐于接受的接触和意见  :-)

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